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We are a reliable and up-to-date full service advertising agency, where we use the highest level of professional knowledge to achieve results. Our team of young and digital professionals moves safely in a world of dynamically changing market trends. We are constantly scanning the horizon so that we can offer our partners solutions that really feel like their own.

Péter Bartha
Founder, CEO

The vision of the company comes from Péter, and with careful strategic planning he does everything to make it successful. He feels at home even amidst constantly changing circumstances, as well as in nature. He enjoys challenging hikes, climbing mountains and is a passionate fly angler. He’s truly in his element when he can get moving and do sports, but sometimes he also likes to immerse in silent observation. He loves good wines, is passionate about cooking, traveling, going to the theater and concerts and he also reads a lot.

Gábor Arany
Operative Director

Communication is in Gábor’s blood, he always has a great story or idea. He’s truly in his element when he can create or face creative challenges. He has a big heart – and not only because of his past as a sportsman. When he’s not working, he travels or does sports: he regularly runs, hikes and surfs …on the web. He likes coffee, which he consumes at any time with unbreakable enthusiasm. Next to his coffee you can always find the daily news and magazines, that he always finishes, because as he says: you can learn something from every story.

Ildikó Vitányiné Szőke
Art Director

Ildi is a fan of everything that is beautiful. Her productive energy stems from her creativity, which she uses in all areas of life. Visual communication is in her blood, and she is open to embracing innovative ideas and learning about new techniques. She enjoys working in a team because she believes in inspiring each other. She is passionate about her little girl, with whom she makes art together more and more often.

Eszter Kökényesi-Szili
Account Director

Eszter feels truly comfortable at work and in life when she can create something valuable and share it with others. Communication plays a central role in her life and she enjoys the constant buzz, but sometimes she also likes to immerse herself in a task, whether it’s planning an exciting campaign or reading a great book. She’s a big animal lover, her favourite way to spend her free time are traveling and horseback riding, but she also likes to experiment in the kitchen.

Dániel Sass
Creative Director

Dani is the type of person that lives for the constant buzz and the interactions with other people. He likes to share all this on his social media channels, which he’s been building carefully for years now. Not only is he active on his own platforms, but he also speaks the language of influencers. Gastronomy, running and traveling are important to him, but what he likes the most is having all of these in his life at the same time.

Krisztina Bender
Head of PR

Kriszti is an economist with a creative mindset. Communication is important to her – she is interested in people and big conversations both inside and outside her work. Ballroom dancing and tennis are an integral part of her life, but she is also a bookworm. She likes to help others, and she finds it difficult to tolerate injustices and non-human manifestations.

If you’re walking along the Danube in Budapest and suddenly hear a conversation about campaigns and reach, you’re in the right place. Thanks to our diverse pool of clients, there is not a dull moment in our everyday life: small and large, from FMCG to the automotive industry, they provide us with a constant buzz.