Social Media

To achieve success today, a strong social media presence is not enough in itself. You must know your target audience, what to communicate and to whom. Adopting the suitable online strategy, we can establish brand loyalty with our users. Users on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn enjoy contents that are both informative and entertaining – our copywriters, social media experts live together with these brand pages. Thanks to the decade of experience and the daily management of almost 30 brand pages, our advertising agency established a knowledge base that provides the opportunity to know exactly where to reach whom, and what kind of content people desire. We dare to say that we probably know them better than they do themselves!

Amongst our references there are international brands like Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, ZEISS, Rigips, Budmil, Candy, Hoover, or our special favourite, Szegedi Szabadtéri Játékok.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are not just celebrities in the eyes of their followers! They are their role models, best friends and their advisors at once. They listen to the influencers, believe them everything they post. This is how someone evolves from a youtuber, instagrammer to an opinion leader. It would be great if a credible influencer promoted your work to his or her fans, would it not? With our Influencer team, we can help you achieve this! We’ll look for a credible influencer who is a perfect fit to your product – whether they are youtubers, sportspersons, or Instagram stars -, design the campaign, and there you go! You have an exclusive, personal and credible marketing message. With the contents posted by influencers, we can promote access numbers to reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions, in contrast with some television ads, that keep showing a decreasing tendency. Therefore, we believe that influencer marketing provides an exciting answer to the costly TV spots.

Budmil, Jeep, Árkád, Candy are only some of the brands we successfully helped with our influencers, influencer campaigns.

Employer Branding

Is it getting harder and harder to be able to keep co-workers, or more challenging to find talents? The solution is employer branding. During an employer branding project, we create a coherent employer image, that widely promotes the good reputation of your company among potential employees. Who would not want to work in a place that is well-known for its trustworthiness, is likeable and where employees are satisfied? In fact, we work in a place like this! In this regard, we were able to build employer brand images to various companies and brands with success and a cheerful attitude. 

With our employer branding solutions, we supported well-known brands such as AQ Anton, Rigips, Wellis, or the Japanese Ibiden.

Native contents

PR articles, that were overrepresented in the last decades, are declining, and are replaced by native advertisements. Native contents tell us about the given brand in an editorial environment and style with stories, represented as a real and readable article – without commercials. In this way, it never occurs to readers that they are not reading an editorial article written by a journalist. With this kind of invisible advertisement, we can remarkably increase brand positivity or brand love. How can all this be achieved? Just give us a call or write an email and we tell you.

Our native advertisements written for Szegedi Szabadtéri Játékok, ZEISS and Budmil reached tens of thousands of readers – to name just a few of our projects.

Content Marketing

A good commercial gives something instead of taking. This is the motto of our content marketing. In this spirit, our content managers always prepare contents that are valuable, meaningful, entertaining or even educational, according to the task. Thus, consumers associate quality, prestige and value to your brand. If you decide to collaborate with us, our creatives and copywriters will aim to strengthen your customers’ trust towards your company through relevant and valuable contents – whether they are online or printed issues.

The largest company enjoying our content factory was FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), we provided daily contents for five car brands in three countries.


The image of the company is significantly influenced by its relationship with the public. We help increasing your company’s positive image with uniquely created strategies, classic and modern tools while informing and using the press. We handle writing and publishing press relations, press conferences, press releases and articles every day – just to PR ourselves a bit as well!

With our live press relations, we can reach readers in difficult industries with brands such as Kyocera, ZEISS or AQ Anton.


Communication is a part of our life – and the basis of a commercial message. Words fly, writing remains! Thus, it is important what we write about ourselves or about the brand. Whether it is a creative material, interview, social media text, PR article, slogan, webpage content or a company circular ad, our creative writers always prepare a text that fits the given style.

Brand magazines

Brand magazines require a serious team: a graphic designer, an editor, a journalist, a photographer, a printer. As an advertising agency, we can create and deliver the company issue or brand magazine saving time, energy and money. Be it a web or a printed paper, monthly magazine or a circular ad, B2B or B2C, we provide real value and valuable content to the readers. We edit, plan the layout, write the text, make reports, take photos, typeset, prepare for printing and produce.


More and more conscious company directors recognize the function of corporate social responsibility, but still many of them forget about the communication of a CSR program. However, communication is at least as important as actions, because we can achieve significant success through it in the field of both PR and employer branding. The efficient CSR-plan in many cases comes from creatives, which is taken further by our communication experts, who later distribute it to the readers.

Prize games

Everyone likes to play, and to win even more! Therefore, Facebook, Instagram, webpage, an exhibition stall or a coupon code game are always a great idea. It moves the fans, we achieve interactions, our brands are talked about and we even collect leads. Those who risk, win. If you trust us with the implementation, everyone wins in this game!

Data-driven advertisements

Google AdWords

One can love or not love Google, but it is important to know this: everyone uses it, so Google has a huge amount of information about us. As advertising experts, we think it is a must to use this database in sales, targeting or campaigns. We love about digital media that it can be modified and optimized anytime, so we do not spend the budget unnecessarily. Google ads are almost unavoidable in sales or while strengthening a brand. With proper targeting and expenses planned with smart professional tricks, huge access numbers and conversions can be achieved – suitable to the campaign goals. It is an important element of our optimization that we know: you care how much a click is worth!

Facebook PPC

Besides Google, Facebook is the company (platform, media) that works with enormous amounts of data and knows almost everything about us. It knows what we love, where we travel, what we like, where we are, who our friends are. As users, we are not happy about it, but as a brand, all the better! With Facebook-ads, fruitless distribution is minimal, we can reach the narrowed target group easily – if an expert is in charge. Armadillo is in daily contact with the experts of Facebook, so we get a quick, professional answer or solution to our questions.


Every social media platform has its own target group. We know who to reach on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube or Instagram. It is favourable about Instagram that the platform is still young, its popularity is still on the rise, and its user numbers increase visibly. Our success campaigns in the last few years revealed there is a target group only available here! Would you omit 2 million users from targeting, when there can be potential customers among them? As a platform, Instagram has endless of colourful opportunities.

Banner advertisements

The most popular online advertising tool, we fondly use them during campaign planning – although not as much as we did 10-15 years ago. With the transformation of the media market, banner ads changed as well. We could say they burned out. Banner-blindness exists, not to mention adblockers. However, there is a solution we can achieve our goals with. Less is more – we use this mixed with the knowledge our experts gained during successful campaigns. We know what kind of banners are worth designing, in what size, with which graphic elements, because online newspapers are all different: neither in layout, nor in colour design. The goal is clear: among countless news, we must draw the reader’s attention in 2-3 seconds and make them click on our banner. In most cases this happens. But when it does not, we re-plan: because we measure everything continuously, and see where we must modify a campaign. This is what we love about the online world: we can be both part of it and form it!

Advertisements optimized for target groups

Data is the new oil – with the advancement of the digital life, maybe not only experts find this true. Data is power, and we must benefit from it. Our colleagues at the advertising agency work with thousands of datasets every day. We measure and optimize everything. Decades ago it was still a utopia, today it is part of our lives: with human creativity and optimizing software packages, we can prepare advertising databases that help us achieve a narrowed, almost 100% accurate targeting. Do you target new moms, car enthusiasts, theatre-goers or extreme athletes?  Or should we narrow the targeting further, for example to the inhabitants of Szeged and its 10 km agglomeration, who enjoy milk, are 20-30 years of age and like to read and go to theatre? This is what every day of target group optimized PPC advertisement manager colleagues are about: they target, optimize, measure and send reports to our clients.

Programmatic Buying

Programmatic buying is seen as the marketing expert, marketing planner and advertisement optimizer of the future. It is getting more and more popular in Hungary as well, but it is true that it still had not achieved the breakthrough expected by the experts. Its advantage, that it leans on serious databases, disadvantage, is that many do not believe in it yet. There is a reason – rarely spoken about in the business: it is not possible to cost-effectively optimize for everyone and for every product. Request a proposal, and our experts shall let you know it is worth entrusting your product advertisement to an automated sales system.

Campaign planning

Marketing strategy

With the advancement of technology, consumer behaviour also changes rapidly, and all this influences our brand as well. Something that worked yesterday might not bring results tomorrow. Conscious planning and analysing are essential. Marketing strategies work best if we are daring and exciting, and measure, analyse whatever possible to make our developed marketing strategy more accurate, thus optimizing expenses and increasing income. Do not waste half of the advertising costs!


With branding, we help customers getting familiar with a product or brand, make them love it or place it in a higher position, therefore paying a larger amount for it than for the product of a competitor. During merchandizing, it is important that buyers take our product from the shelves and not the other goods with similar price. Branding is a story that wakes up emotions and affects the customer’s subconscious. There is serious science behind branding, since we are aware that customers make decisions based on emotions. We can implement these with well-planned campaigns and communication for 20 years now.

Integrated campaigns

A definition that became widespread in the last few years. During implementation, we work based on the following formula: ATL + BTL + classic + modern + alternative = efficient, potential targeting. In a 360-degree campaign we build all campaign elements sequentially.

Creative concept

If there is a vital point of a campaign, it is the creative concept. Creative concept is actually an idea we design to various media according to a consciously planned message. Concept carries our message and attracts the target public’s attention with graphic design and layout.

Media planning, media purchase

Every medium has its own readers, watchers, listeners: their own target group. Different target groups can be reached with a rural daily paper, others with a weekly economy newspaper and another group with a monthly magazine. If it is expressed well in the brief who our brand’s target group is, our media planners can tell on which TV channel, radio station, printed newspaper, billboard or city light, public transport vehicles or electronic news site, webpage is it worth to advertise. During media planning we take social media channels and influencers into account too, so with campaign planning we can guarantee millions of access numbers.

Graphic design

Creative graphic design

Creative graphic design is maybe one of the most visually stunning and the most difficult part of graphics. Most times we have to design from scratch, in other cases we must comply to the visual identity guide with restrictions, meeting with the conceptional perspective according to the vision of the client.  Sometimes artistic, sometimes modern, with ambitious and efficient solutions; whatever the brand, the message, the client and the medium type requires, also taking print production procedures into consideration. Creative design – whether it is a leaflet or any print, banner, web design or creative concept – always enjoys special attention during our work as an advertising agency. The location of our office (on the bank of the Danube, on Római-part) also contributes in our creative work and finding inspiration.

Layout design, typesetting

Digitalization took over the role of newspapers and printed products, but this does not mean that we should bury physical issues. Printed newspapers, leaflets, magazines prepared for specific events, monthly circular ads all have their place and role in communication, sales and aftersales marketing, same way as digital solutions do. An exclusive issue raises brand value, sets the brand price. We design, edit, write and format company publications, newspapers and magazines with this thought.

Pre-press works

Following the editing and typesetting, we prepare a print-ready material, taking the production specifications into account. We consult with the printing company, hand the material for printing if required, arrange the production and distribute the finished printed materials.


A business can stand or fall on the appearance and performance of a web page  (users quickly click away if they do not like what they see, or on the contrary, spend more time on a website if it is user friendly, logical and visually pleasing), so it is rewarding to pay proper attention to that our website remains updated and recent. We start designing a website with UI/UX research. Web layout is responsive, it displays correctly in every platform. The drastic increase of smartphone users urged us as well to start website designing with the mobile view in many cases, considering the PC view as well.

Event marketing

Company events

In a strong corporate culture, clients come first. In today’s sales and marketing-driven world, customer care plays an important role. Conferences, exhibitions, company birthday parties, company receptions, international client meetings, product introduction event, two-day partner meeting with games and wine-tasting or partner rewarding travels – these are only a few of the popular company events our agency conducted in the last time period.

Stand building

One of the best ways to meet potential customers is on professional exhibitions. On a professional event, the two parties do not only meet, but you can also impress your clients with your special, attractive and unique stand. In the past years, we designed and built spectacular and unique booths from 30 to 100 square meters dimension for various industries. In the phase of stand designing our creative advertising experts already offer original solutions: interactive solutions, designing augmented reality to the stand, games, lead generating solutions; but in some cases, this is when the idea of creating a company image video comes up, which will be displayed on the stall’s LED wall to the audience.

Event communication

Proper event communication is at least as important as organizing an event – but still, it is often neglected or done by sending a single invitation. Armadillo advertising agency handles these events comprehensively, whether it is a conference, exhibition stall or company event; communication always enjoys special attention during planning. With pre-communication and on-site communication, we ensure that as many people are informed about our event as possible, and with post-communication we gain further brand loyalty and brand awareness – therefore increasing sales.

Branded gifts

Designing and producing pens, mugs or T-shirts with company logos is a routine task for us. Creative challenge starts when our clients organize (or entrust Armadillo advertising agency with) a company event, exhibition or conference where they “want a promotional gift for my client that is not boring, practical and creative, and fits the message of our event”. Our list of gifts has thousands of items and is continuously updated. In addition, we were able to fulfil a request when we had to both design and produce a unique promotional gift. We like challenges and satisfied customers.

Web development

Unique, open source website

After the website design, the next step of creating a website is site building and web development. We always offer web solutions based on client needs. A website or microsite can be static or dynamic. Static solutions are used to display fixed content, but for continuously updated content, a dynamic website is required. In the latter case, clients can manage the contents of their webpage through an administrative interface. To clients who would like to stand out, we recommend websites with unlimited, unique design; to those who seek simpler solutions, open source websites are recommended. Whether it is an effortless microsite or a serious company website, our development team makes it real in respect to the search optimization. You can find both Hungarian and international websites in our references

Foreign adaptation

In case of multinational companies, usually there is no need to develop a new website – only to localize the central website. During this complicated process we adapt the corporate or microsite, in cooperation with foreign agencies, translation agencies and the Hungarian representatives, taking special character needs into account.

Mobile apps

There are countless opportunities in communication through smartphone apps. We live in the age of smartphones, where mobile devices substitute computers and became a pillar of communication. Transportable communication devices offer a huge amount of new opportunities, so is worth to consider developing mobile applications. We manage the process starting from needs assessment and planning, through development to Android and iOS platforms and the uploading to application stores (GOOGLE PLAY, APPSTORE, WINDOWS MARKET) to the search engine optimization of the application.


Years ago, it was said that an augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality are relatively new technologies. With the experience of countless successful projects, we still have to say it is a new technology, because only a few exploit the endless and spectacular opportunities provided by the virtual world. It is not an overstatement that this is the future’s marketing. Beyond strengthening the brand, their added value is also high (PR, marketing, social media), and they are spreading virulently. Through Augmented and Virtual reality solutions, we were able to assign digital content to traditional offline materials. With AR, VR, MR solutions, exceptionally impressive, creative materials can be created, that are both entertaining and informative.

Corporate management systems

Organizing every information into a single database instead of Excel tables, creating connections between data, controllable work and project processes, real-time cost analysis – these are only the most important expectations that help a manager in decision support. Our corporate management system presents all of these – on any mobile devicenon-stop, wherever you go outside the office. Using a properly developed decision support program, connections can become more visible, lead decisions become obvious and quick.

Production management

Press works

Thanks to our decade-long partnership with a printing company, we know what, where and how is it worth to produce. With this, you do not only spare expanse but time and a lot of stress as well. During press production, our goal is to create pleasing and impressive press materials, issues. We provide advice regarding technologies (digital, offset, rotation), parameters (paper type, format), and you can rely on our expertise in every related question.

Promotional gifts

We know from our clients how hard it is to find the promotional gift fitting to a service. Our colleagues lend a helping hand: tell us what you intend a promotional gift for, and we’ll design, produce and deliver it.


Design and graphics are as responsible in the success of a decoration as the production team. Thanks to our 20 years of professional experience in graphics and manufacturing, we collected countless references: even a large hall would not be enough to store all our decoration materials from the last decades. We take contracts to design, produce and install decoration materials first-hand, whether it is a wall sticker, a laminate, an information display system, a sculptural font, a totem column, a store brand island, exhibition implements, a Christmas ornament or special illuminated boxes. If we talk about brand strengthening or corporate identity, we cannot forget about designing and producing car stickers!


A picture tells more than a thousand words! Our photographers take pictures in this perspective and do post-work and photo manipulation accordingly. We take pictures for websites, issues, social media channels and to online, print and outdoor advertisements.


Consumers prefer short, smart and creative videos. With our image films, employer branding videos and campaign films, we are regularly present in the lives of media consumers; mostly without them knowing that the short film is made by Armadillo advertising agency. Our filmmaking staff provides the entire service: we compose the storyboard with the help of our creative colleagues, we work with professional cameramen, we arrange the brand’s voice, the voice actor. In most cases we even use our drones for more success (drone filmmaking).


Animation is a great visual element of a website or a company short film. With 2D or 3D animations, you can present your company’s history, introduce your products or selling/sales processes. During an animation project, our creative colleagues, graphic designers and filmmaking experts work as a team to make a story so visually stunning that consumers watch every second of it with eyes wide open.

Visual identity design

Logo design

A logo is a graphical motif, but as the visual symbol of the company it is goes beyond of being just an emblem. It informs, conveys quality, represents company values. Logos are designed by our professional graphic designers, who have significant technical experience. Logos and visual identities designed by highly qualified hands are characterized by a conceptual perspective and capability of being used in various application areas. Draft logo designs are adjusted to the product and to the service, considering the company’s philosophy and values. The first step of establishing a visual identity is to design the logo – therefore it is essential to assign professionals to this task instead of using a free logo design software.

Small and large visual identity design

Effective communication is achieved by a consciously designed, unified visual identity. We prepare the visual identity according to the logo, target group and company identity. All this will be present on business cards, writing paper, envelopes, email headings, websites, packaging, even on advertisements. A small or large visual identity developed consistently around a concept radiates uniformity, trustworthiness, strength and professionalism, thus increasing company and brand value.

Package design

Package design requires teamwork, it is more than a graphics or art activity. Besides graphic design, it requires a sales-marketing mindset as well. Package design must be pretty and attractive, but the product should also sell itself. If it does not stand out, it will not be taken first from the shelves. Therefore, it is efficient to entrust an advertising agency with the task, where graphic designers and marketing communication experts work hand in hand to establish the brand personality. Good packaging sells the product and provides a favourable brand experience.

Creating visual identity manuals

After designing the logo and the visual identity, their consistent usage is vital. We define appearance rules, applications and restrictions in the visual identity manual. We explain how, in what form and in what context can be the company name, logo and visual identity elements used – this is how we ensure a uniform and consistent appearance. In the identity manual – according to a pre-arranged structure – we codify the visual rules of a company. The length and level of elaboration of the brand book are determined by client consultation.